Frequently Asked Questions

As the Coronavirus has transformed the whole world, and as well as the life patterns of humankind are changed a lot. So, the authorities around the world taking measures to curb coronavirus infection, still the fear of everyone’s minds can be expressed so easily.

And now when governments around the globe are considering to lift the restrictions on economic activities, whereas mass antibody testing has come to the vanguard as a potential way of making sure the outbreak doesn’t surge again.

The main concern is that, to control the elements that can cause a repeat of rising infections, and get a positive outcome from this worldwide lockdown and help people return to normal life. It’s the fact the Covid-19 epidemic is taking a huge toll on the global economy, so now workforces and businesses both are looking for a simple solution which is none other than but get tested for COVID-19.

While it’s an excellent idea to get a better picture of pandemic and unfold the muddled story.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is pushing the capacity for as much testing as possible. It believes that the only way to deliver a plausible response to this outbreak is to know where it is, how it's spreading and who is at risk. These are the major questions that need to be answered only through testing. This also will help hospitals to plan for future demand to know how they should use their resources in the most effective way and clear beds if necessary. In the end, it seems the only way to get life at a normal pace on this planet. So, the idea is to trace every case so each could be isolated and treated exclusively.

COVID-19 testing differs by location. If you think you have been exposed to the virus and developed any symptoms like fever, cough or respiratory illness. You need to go for laboratory tests that can identify the presence of the virus in your body. You should call your medical provider first. You can also visit your local health department’s website to get the latest local information on testing. Or you simply fill out a questionnaire that is available on QuickenTest website and follow the procedure without any worry.

Scientists are currently working on increasing the capacity of testing which detects antibodies in your blood, it would involve testing a drop of blood on a device Locations and types of testing sites vary depending on in which state live in, you can check with your testing site to learn which test it is used, by FDA.

In case you test positive for coronavirus then immediately take protective measures as we all are aware of the fact that coronavirus has no cure yet and there is no particular treatment specifically approved for this disease. So, cleaning your place thoroughly and disinfecting every possible corner around with a disinfecting solution is one best way. And pay attention to boost your immune system which will help your body to fight with microbes. And yes, you should continue to practice all the protective measures recommended to keep yourself and others from getting infected such social distancing, isolating yourself and covering your face with a mask in case of any crucial need interacting with other people.

Community spread means people have been infected with the virus in an area, at a larger number including some who are not sure how or where they became infected. The virus primarily spread with droplets of saliva and discharge of infected person’s cough and sneeze and it stays alive longer on human skin. So putting your household plan into action is decisive. 

  • Continue practicing respiratory etiquette. Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue and wash your hands every so often with soap and water for at least 20 secs.

  •  In case soap and water are not available, so use a hand sanitizer that contains 60% alcohol. Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects that you use regular basis.

  • Strictly isolate yourself and do not go out without essential needs.

A: The official CDC costs $35.92, which is quite in a rush and hard to attain, while other labs cost more than $50 per test (according to Bloomberg News and AXIOS). On the other hand, at QuickenTest it costs $34.99 and pretty easily attainable. 

A: Simply fill out a questionnaire that is available on QuickenTest website. Thereby, our team will assess the possibility of whether your condition is similar to those patients having corona and will give MD consultation and prescription for having Lab Test.  

  • Myth: Coronavirus can spread through radio waves, internet, and Wi-Fi technologies. Fact: Countries having poor or lack of radio waves and internet technology also have a similar spread of this virus.

  • Myth: Exposing yourself in the sun or high temperature can reduce the spread of Coronavirus substantially. Fact: In fact, coronavirus is currently spread in almost every part of the world; even, where the temperature is too high and too low. 

  • Myth: Victims of corona find it hard to survive for their life, and they never are recovered. Fact: The death rate among COVID-19 patients is hardly 7%, which means you will have a 93% chance of recovery.

  • Myth: Smoking and drinking alcohol can protect you from COVID-19 disease. Fact: Drinking alcohol and smoking will damage your lungs and are even more harmful than non-smokers and drinkers.

  • Myth: Coronavirus can be transmitted through a mosquito bite. Fact: The size of COVID-19 is enough that it cannot be transmitted through a mosquito bite

  • Myth: Coronavirus affects older and kids more often. Fact: Virus spread blindly and don't differentiate older people from others. Whoever interacts with an infected person will have an equal chance of being infected by such disease. However, the severity of the condition may depend on age and immune system conditions.

  • Strictly isolate yourself and do not go out without essential needs.

  • Myth: Some antibiotics are handy for treatment in new Coronavirus

  • Fact: In fact, antibiotics are effective against bacteria not against the virus.