How It Works?

  • Screening Test asks about the basic information about your overall health and your age. This includes your exposure to any recent travel history or any pre-existing medical or health-related problems.
  • Based on your filled questionnaire, we will determine the possibility of risk that you may have a high or low probability of viral infection.
  • Once the possibility is defined and you would proceed next, for placing an online order for having your test prescription, you will make the payment and will be connected to a physician for a telehealth consultation.
  • Once the lab test is completed and reported, you will be notified by the lab regarding your test results. You can also upload the test to your profile on our website and request a review by the medical doctor.
  • After that, the Dr. would use your lab results whether positive or negative. Based on the test result, you will be contacted for follow-up using our telehealth portal.

Get Yourself Screened for COVID-19 in Seconds!

Screening can help you out to decide about COVID-19 testing, Save yourself a doctor’s visit, online consultation and prescription to get tested.